Daily Log/Readings Q&A

Daily logs should include the following:
1) A bibliographic citation (in MLA or Chicago format) for each article followed by a paragraph annotation that summarizes the thesis, primary claims, and guiding assumptions of the article. Beneath each article's annotation, you should list key terms and concepts.
2) Each of the guiding questions we worked with in class (bolded as a header) followed by an organized and comprehensive answer. This answer should be compiled from small and large group class discussions (and discussion notes), but it should also be enhanced by your framing and your attempt to fill in any gaps that exist. Each answer should make use of paragraph structure and be extremely thorough (numerous paragraphs per answer).
3) A summation statement (a paragraph or two). This statement should encapsulate the broad "lesson" of the class and function as a resource for us as we look back on what each lesson brought to the course, and our evolving understanding of rhetorics of social change, as a whole.

Sept 12 Daily Log
Preparer: Caitlin Ring
Sept 19 Daily Log
Preparer: Hillary Palmer
Sept 26 Daily Log
Preparer: Svilen Trifonov
Oct 3 Daily Log
Preparer: Adam Conrad
Oct 10 Daily Log
Preparer: Laurel Servies
Oct 17 Daily Log
Preparer: Ully Putri
Oct 24 Daily Log
Preparer: Meghan Dunn
Oct 31 Daily Log
Preparer: Michael Wenk